May 4, 2024

Good Copywriting is Simpler Than You Think

Uncover a couple of easy tips to improve your brand’s wordsmithing.
Good Copywriting is Simpler Than You Think

Good copywriting isn't about flowery language or technical jargon. It's about sparking curiosity, connecting with emotions, and ultimately driving results. It doesn’t need fluff, and it doesn’t need a dictionary. These are the types of things we’re considering when we’re writing your brand’s copy. So, let’s briefly dive into three key strategies to elevate your copywriting from good to exceptional. 

Less Text, More Intrigue

Gone are the days of needing to justify every aspect of your ad. Let the subtext do the talking. Leave them with some questions. It’s more memorable that way. Even if you explain everything, people will always have questions—you might as well force them to have the questions you want them to have.

Avoid lengthy explanations and trust your audience to be curious. A well-placed image or a thought-provoking question can be far more captivating than a text-heavy approach. Nobody reads things all the way through anymore anyway.

Go Deeper Than “Benefits, Not Features”

People are bombarded with advertising. That’s just the way the world works today. We’re constantly seeing ads, and it’s only a matter of time before our entire commute is filled with different ads than everyone else. It’s getting invasively personal.

Stating features and benefits simply isn't good enough. Instead, show them how your product or service improves the rest of their lives. Don't sell the taste of the coffee, sell the completed to-do list. Don't sell the fit of the clothes, sell the fact that they’re going to get hit on. Don’t sell the muscles from working out at your gym, sell the liberty of walking around your house naked.

Speak to One, Not Everyone

Forget the generic "one-size-fits-all" approach. Nobody likes it. It’s garbage. We’re all too aware of just how many other people there are out there. You know what I mean, too. You can’t even go to a sandwich shop anymore without a bunch of other idiots also going there before you. And they never know what to order. 

Impactful copywriting not only speaks directly to a specific audience, it speaks to a specific person in that audience. You, yeah you. In the sweatpants. Why are you reading this blog? To improve your copy? Cool, then imagine your ideal customer and tailor your message to resonate with his or her needs and desires. Chances are there are more like-minded consumers out there just like that person.

Actionable Steps to Enhance Your Copy Yourself

It’s annoying when you read something and go, “Sweet, I’m going to forget that immediately.” So, here are some things you can take with you. These are actionable tips to implement when you try to write your own copy. And if you’re still having trouble, maybe we should work together after all.

  • Edit Ruthlessly: When it comes to sparking curiosity, less is often more. Edit thoroughly to ensure your message is clear and concise.
  • Capture Ideas Before They Fade: Don't wait for perfection! Jot down ideas as they come, even if they seem unpolished.
  • Active Voice is Your Friend: Most ad copy thrives with the active voice. It conveys a sense of urgency and clarity.
  • Use a Thesaurus: Don't be afraid to leverage a thesaurus, but use it strategically. Explore synonyms to discover unique wording, but mainly to avoid repetition.
  • Imagine the Real-Life Impact: Understanding the "before" and "after" of using your product is crucial for crafting compelling copy, but knowing what comes after that is even better.
  • Talk it Out: Discuss your assignment with friends, family, or colleagues. Hearing yourself explain the product can spark creative copy ideas, or tell you which ones suck.
  • Embrace the Second Person: The second-person point of view ("you") fosters a sense of direct connection with your audience.
  • Use Imperatives Get Things Done: When the second person isn't ideal, use imperatives ("Picture This," "Turn Around") to create a more effective call to action.


Powerful copywriting isn't about complex words or convoluted sentences. You really just need to resonate with one person, and evoke a little emotion. Nothing too complicated. Looking for someone else to do the heavy lifting? We got you covered. As they say on Love Island, let’s have a chat, yeah?

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