June 3, 2024

People Actually Subscribed to Your Emails, Now What?

Keep them around and get them to buy—that's going to be the tricky part.
People Actually Subscribed to Your Emails, Now What?

Wow, look at you go. For some godforsaken reason, people want to hear what you have to say on a regular basis! Or maybe you forced them to sign up in order to get some other perk, but who cares? Either way, they signed up and now their data is all yours (evil laugh). With so much competition online, this is honestly so impressive of you. It's tough to stand out and build a loyal following. But wait, here’s how not to ruin it:

Not here, below, in the rest of the article. Just keep reading.

Set Expectations, And Then Meet Those Expectations

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: candor. Be upfront with your subscribers, and tell them how often they can expect to hear from you and what kind of content they'll receive. Twice a week? Monthly blasts with exclusive discounts? Whatever it is, be clear and stick to it.

Nobody likes surprises. They’ll tell you that they do, but they don’t. Consistent, open, and honest communication is always appreciated, and it will help keep your brand at the forefront of their mind, without feeling like spam.

Revamp (Or Create) Insider Perks

Treat your email subscribers like VIPs, or like your girlfriend’s mother, early on in the relationship. Not your wife’s mother—that could really go one of two ways. Anyway, try to offer exclusive content or sneak peeks behind the scenes. This makes them feel valued and keeps them coming back for more.

To get a little more specific, you might try sharing a glimpse of upcoming projects or products, or you could even ask for subscriber feedback on new ideas. Or if you’re really feeling spicy, you could write a longer, in-depth email just for your list to show your appreciation One that’s outside the regularly scheduled program. It's a small gesture that goes a long way. People love small gestures for some reason.

Give Them What They Came For, Almost Immediately

If someone shows up to your restaurant and says, “We can’t wait to try the cheeseburger!” Don’t let the server come by like, “Can I tell you about the specials?” They need to open with, “So, how did you want your burger? I like mine with pickles, ketchup, and mustard only.” Show them that you are listening. 

Pay attention to what content resonates with your audience. Look for patterns in your subscriber growth—what topics or posts seem to attract the most attention? When did you see it pop? Once you know what works, create more content around those themes.

For example, if you see a surge in subscribers after launching a specific product, consider offering a follow-up email with helpful tips or tricks related to that product. Staying focused and aligned with your audience's interests is key to building a strong email list.

Spruce Up Your Referral Program

Remember that friend who kept hounding you to join their pyramid scheme for essential oils? Yeah, don't be that. But a well-designed referral program can incentivize your existing subscribers to spread the word about your awesomeness.

The key is to make it a win-win situation. Offer discounts or rewards for both the referrer and the new subscriber. Think free shipping, exclusive early access to sales, or bonus points for their loyalty program. Just remember to keep it manageable and trackable. A convoluted referral program is more likely to confuse and annoy people than encourage them to spread the word.

Make Sure It's Easy to Unsubscribe

Don't hold your subscribers hostage. Make it clear and easy for them to unsubscribe if they're no longer interested. We promise it’s so much better to part ways amicably than un-amicably. Don’t make it Rubiks-cube complicated to stop receiving your emails. Just let them go. They’ll be far more likely to remember your company fondly and possibly refer it to someone who actually is interested.

At most, maybe consider asking them why they’re unsubscribing, but please, please, please—do it in one step: “Check to unsubscribe, and check a box to tell us why, if you want.” On the same page. That’s it. 

It’s always polite to admit fault and ask how you could improve. Is it the frequency of emails? The content itself? Knowing this can help you refine your strategy and improve your email marketing in the long run.


Remember, you're already on the right track! Keep doing what's working, but don't be afraid to refine your approach as you learn more about your audience. There’s more to it than getting them to subscribe—now you have to follow through. This way, you can turn those casual visitors into dedicated fans. And that, my friend, is what sells. If you want some help with emails, marketing, or really, anything at all, give us a shout here at Three Wolf. We’re ready when you are.

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