Iroquois Group

Working with an industry-leading insurance network and one of their member agencies, we helped improve visibility with digestible, topical content marketing.
Iroquois Group
Professional Services

Making Insurance Cool Again

As one of the largest insurance networks in the world, Iroquois Group is constantly looking to evolve their content marketing efforts and discover new ways to help their message resonate with a diverse audience. We worked with both Iroquois Group and one of their member agencies, Weed Ross, with copy and content writing, branding, gated assets, and more.
the Client

Refreshing an Industry Juggernaut

Iroquois Group is a leading network of independent P&C insurance agencies, with over 2,700 members and exceeding $3 billion in written premiums in 2023. They connect one of the largest networks of insurance carriers with a vast number of local insurance agencies, including Weed Ross, a local agency in Upstate New York.

The Challenge

A Constantly Evolving Target

The burgeoning market for insurance presented both an opportunity and a challenge for Iroquois Group and Weed Ross. Equipping their members to effectively communicate the complexities of insurance and its value proposition to potential clients became paramount. Translating these intricacies into clear, compelling content that resonates with target audiences demanded a strategic approach.

The Project

Premium Copywriting and SEO

We developed various forms of content for both Iroquois Group and Weed Ross, including blog posts, website copy, brochures, billboards, eGuides, and more to educate potential clients on insurance packages, the correlated threats and risks, as well as the benefits, and industry trends, helping to establish Iroquois Group and Weed Ross as authorities on numerous insurance topics.

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