Elysium Athletic

Our partnership with Elysium Athletic involved a complete transformation, from rebranding and website development to apparel design.
Elysium Athletic

Merging Mythology with Modernity

Elysium Athletic draws inspiration from the paradise of Greek mythology, crafting athletic streetwear that exudes timeless elegance and contemporary flair. To propel their brand forward, we embarked on a comprehensive journey, encompassing website development, rebranding, and apparel design, ensuring a seamless fusion of ancient inspiration and modern aesthetics.
the Client

Elevating Athletic Apparel with Ancient Elegance

Elysium Athletic stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation, channeling the immortal beauty of Greek mythology into their athletic streetwear. With a fully customized e-commerce website on the Shopify platform and a reimagined brand identity, Elysium Athletic is poised to expand into new markets while staying true to its ancient roots.

The Challenge

Merging Classic With Trendy

Elysium Athletic faced the challenge of translating the timeless allure of ancient Greece into contemporary athletic streetwear. Our task was to design a website that seamlessly integrated mythology-inspired aesthetics, rebrand the existing look and feel of Elysium Athletic, and create a cohesive brand architecture that would facilitate future growth.

The Project

Urban Myth Has New Meaning

Our collaboration with Elysium Athletic was about storytelling. Through a fully customized e-commerce website, reimagined brand identity, and meticulously designed apparel, we breathed life into the ancient myths, transforming them into wearable art. The result is a brand that not only honors its Greek heritage but also pioneers a new era of athletic streetwear, blending tradition with innovation.

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