We helped develop a corporate explainer video for Ox, seamlessly blending graphic design and animation to articulate their mission and showcase their innovative solutions.

Animating Intelligence for Seamless Operations

Ox leads the charge in frontline operations, leveraging connected, intelligent applications to guide warehouse operators with real-time instructions and AI-powered optimization. To convey their message effectively, we crafted a corporate explainer video, infusing it with animated text that perfectly matched their branding and personality.
the Client

Unleashing Potential with Automation

At Ox, the focus is on empowering and augmenting human potential through hardware-enabled software automation systems. Their innovative approach ensures that automation enhances the workforce, meeting the demands of a growing supply chain while directly benefiting workers.

The Challenge

Highlighting the Human

Ox faced the challenge of articulating their innovative solutions and human-centric approach to automation. With a vision centered on enhancing workforce capabilities, our task was to create an animated explainer video that effectively communicated Ox's mission and value proposition.

The Project

Bringing Ox to Life

Our collaboration with Ox culminated in the creation of a corporate explainer video that vividly brought their vision to life. With adept graphic design and animation, we crafted a visually captivating narrative that showcased Ox's solutions while aligning seamlessly with their branding and personality. The result? A compelling showcase of Ox's innovation and commitment to human-centered automation.

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