Challenger Breadware

Encapsulating the warmth of this brilliantly crafted cast iron bread pan, we helped create the brand and set the stage for years of success in the e-commerce space.
Challenger Breadware

Baking the Mold

A game-changer in the world of bread, and we were a key ingredient! Channeling the meticulousness of bread baking, we crafted digital marketing that served as a foundation for endless possibilities. Through collaboration, Jim's vision transformed into a successful brand, complete with a memorable logo and a welcoming identity. Today, Challenger Breadware empowers bakers everywhere to "bake the world a better place."
the Client

Striking While the Iron is Hot

Driven by a love for baking and a desire for better bread at home, Jim Challenger founded Challenger Breadware in 2016. Frustrated by existing equipment, he partnered with a designer to create the Challenger Bread Pan, a revolutionary cast iron pan designed for perfect loaves. The pan’s success led Challenger Breadware to expand into a resource for bakers, offering not only pans but also recipes and techniques.

The Challenge

A Freshly Baked Approach

As a brand new company and a revolutionary product, we were tasked with helping to design a logo, name the brand, and design the initial website for what would become Challenger Breadware. The bread-baking culture is highly particular and very detail oriented, so the digital marketing material needed to embody a perfect sourdough starter—a basis and foundation for endless amounts of opportunity and growth.

The Project

Life is What You Bake It

Through numerous iterations and attempts from all angles, we found that Jim's last name actually worked the best for both the name of his company and the name of the pan itself. And thus, the Challenger Bread Pan® was forged. We helped build the initial e-commerce foundation, designed a steadfast logo concept, and helped brand the company with a warm and welcoming tone and identity.

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