La Jolíe Muse

Capturing the essenece of the brand, La Jolíe Muse needed a product description and copywriting overhaul as timeless and evocative as their inventory.
La Jolíe Muse

Transforming Personal Spaces

La Jolíe Muse, a modern luxury retailer with a focus on artistic aromas, offers a substantial assortment of candles and home goods. With a plethora of new products hitting the shelves, the brand needed a refresh in terms of copywriting and product descriptions, making sure each item stood out from the rest and appealed to the ideal consumer.
the Client

Evoking a Sense of Home

La Jolíe Muse was sparked by a belief that luxurious home fragrance shouldn't be a privilege for the few. Their mission: to transform everyday spaces into havens of eco-conscious luxury and artistic beauty. La Jolíe Muse strives to make these experiences accessible, infusing homes with exquisite aromas that inspire and delight. They remain steadfast in their commitment to environmental responsibility and aesthetic elegance.

The Challenge

Distinction with Simplicity

The challenge that brought La Jolíe Muse our way was crafting compelling and elegant copy that reflected the very merchandise they sell. Each luxury item is sustainably manufactured and of humble origin, and the product descriptions, taglines, and branding needed to pervade and indulge without affecting SEO or comprehension.

The Project

A Beacon of "Fanning the Flame"

Through scrupulous planning and organization, we began by outlining and defining the entirety of their inventory in simple, digestible terminology. From there, we implemented powerful and enchanting product descriptions, details, and taglines to illuminate the appeal of each product on their Shopify store, driving engagement and, ultimately, conversions.

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