A novel concept in a culture-forward e-commerce space, we collaborated with Brewfits to connect local breweries with a global audience.

Putting Craft Breweries on the Digital Map

Brewfits launched an innovative Shopify store with Multi-Vendor Marketplace capabilities, enabling individual breweries to seamlessly upload and sell their merchandise. Through meticulous branding, photography, and a full-spectrum digital marketing strategy, we've crafted a platform that embodies the spirit of the craft beer community. This initiative not only supports breweries in exploring new revenue streams but also fosters a sense of unity within the culture.
the Client

Bringing Brew Culture Together

Brewfits was developed from a passion for craft beer and a belief that breweries deserve a platform to share their stories beyond the local taproom. As a community builder and an advocate for underrepresented breweries, Brewfits connects these breweries with a national audience of craft beer enthusiasts, fostering a space for exploration, engagement, and celebration.

The Challenge

Dual Audience Targeting

The primary challenge was integrating a system that allows multiple vendors to sell merchandise in a single transaction while ensuring individual shipping labels are generated upon purchase. This complex functionality required sophisticated solutions to create a seamless, user-friendly experience for both sellers and buyers on the Brewfits platform.

The Project

Brewery Merch on Tap

Recognizing underutilized potential in brewery merchandise sales and a fragmented craft beer community, we built Brewfits as a multi-vendor marketplace that streamlines sales for breweries and fosters a collaborative ecosystem. The successful launch and showcase at the largest North American beer convention solidified Brewfits' potential to revolutionize the craft beer industry by putting community-driven commerce at the forefront.

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