The Snorinator

Tasked with introducing this innovative product at a premium price point, we leveraged a comprehensive strategy to build a captivating online presence and drive sales.
The Snorinator

Promoting Judgement Day for Snoring

Born from the frustration of a lifelong snorer, the Snorinator pillow was forged to help stop snoring in its tracks and bring an end to couch-banishment. Introducing a brand new product to a competitive market, we embarked on a full-service digital marketing journey, encompassing branding, Shopify development, photography, social media, and email marketing.
the Client

Sleeping Differently is Sleeping Better

The Snorinator is a revolutionary pillow designed to elevate sleepers into a more upright position. This reduces pressure on the chest and relaxes abdominal muscles for easier breathing and quieter slumber. This innovative approach, combined with premium memory foam and lumbar-support engineering, ensures maximum comfort and a more restful night's sleep for snorers and their partners.

The Challenge

Unique Market Hurdles

The Snorinator faced significant challenges in gaining market traction due to its unique nature and premium pricing, especially without a large budget for influencer marketing. Additionally, the product's distinctive name posed a barrier to immediate acceptance. Our strategy had to cleverly navigate these hurdles to capture consumer interest and validate the product's value.

The Project

A Strategically Upright Approach

We established a genuine brand identity, generating high-quality visual content, and running targeted campaigns to showcase the pillow's unique features and justify its premium price point. Our balanced approach, combining paid media with organic SEO tactics, yielded impressive results: continuous month-over-month sales growth, organic media attention, and a solidified market presence.

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